Assalamualaikum peps! It's midterm break, & I am still here, finishing bundles of tasks. frankly, there's a lot academic assign... [...]

Salam peps! in less than one hour from now, I will be facing my midterm test. Today is toxicology paper, one hour. got to rush! bye! &a... [...]

Hello People! Hurm.... it's been quite a moment since I last posted here. well, study and chores really makes me ignore the keyboard. ... [...]

To confront my deepest ego is found to be among one of the hardest task for me to accomplish. Yup. Was, and still is. When I walked on a... [...]

Have you ever seen A sincere smile? Yup. How on earth can we know the smile is genuine or just a plastic glued on the face? Well, I don&#... [...]

Enemies are everywhere. The one you can see with naked eyes are one which you can behold & stay coutious. The problem rises when the ... [...]

Many names were forgotten. Many years were wasted. Many tears were drained. All because You are arrogant! Boastful over ni'mat th... [...]