taking PATH

Reality versus dreams.
It has been clashes between these words.
Eversince adam & eve dream on living in Jannah eternally.

While most of us sternly state:
"this is reality, not a dream. Face it"

Some optimist, insist :
"make your dreams alive! Make it greet reality"

Yup. Actually,
There is no solid statement.
No right or wrong.
It depends on one's belief.

Pessimist sees the roller-coaster as a death-mechine. While,
Optimist enjoy the ride with hands opened up.

Adam & eve dreams to eternally live in Jannah.
They got expelled.
Then they re-enter Jannah.
Who says? You can't make dreams a solid reality?!

Its you who defines the road,
Don't let it defines you!

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