Enemies are everywhere.
The one you can see with naked eyes are one which you can behold & stay coutious.

The problem rises when the enemies are invisible!
Yup! Those you can't see with naked eyes.
These enemies too for sure need to be included in our enemies-list.

I've just read this thing from a source. Hope it helps you like it helped me:

1. Shaytan's whisper

It loses upon zikrullah (remember Allah). It is described as "dog's bark upon a mount". You chase it over one direction, it returns from other side.
Thus, a heart dwelled in remembrance to Allah is always in a secured-locked mode.

2. Lust's (nafsu) whisper

The best situation to describe is by looking at an analogy. Lust attacks human in the same mode as tiger attackking the sheep. It attacks with a directly! Its a direct on-off attack.
It can only be digested with mujahadah (effort to overcome it plus zikrullah)

May Allah give us strength to mujahadah (fight) against our own lust (nafsu)

O Allah!
Makes my heart glorify YOU the most,
Love YOU the most,
Scare YOU the most.

O Allah!
Save me from my own ignorance!

O Allah,
Let YOU alone be sufficient for me.


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  1. Hee, I like this. Baca surah an-nas dan surah al-alaq banyak-banyak, mintak pertolongan daripada Yang Maha Mengasihani untuk berlindung :))