how can I resist such temptation!
everyone is posting bundles of books to facebook
make it a-shot-in-the-head,
they collect almost 10 plus+ books for only
hundred ringgit!
Oh My Allah!
It surely magnetize my attention.
those are my targets. Hope can get it very soon!

<heard of her (yasmin mogahed from ainin's blog>

<well, he's been my fav writer <3 >

<fall for akhi fatimah's after reading Pemilik cintaku selepas Allah dan Rasul>

<it's a true story with good content, i guess? >

< the background & theme seems exciting >

<needs an imaan dessert these few months to revive >

< wanna figure out how "best-seller" author tailor their writings >

< trying out some english motivational book, hope I'll like it >

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