Its a cascade. A cascade that lead a servant towards disobedient to his or her Creator.

Forgetful. That really is humanistic. Some asked. What for muslims pray 5 times a day? Why is Allah oppressing muslims to bow to Him?

Well, thats the beauty of Islam.

My turn. How many times a day you fond your lover? Once? Or all the times?
Do you sure that the person you're texting pleased with it?

This really is a punch-in-the -face for those asking.
In Islam, Our lives, our act, our death is preserved for Allah. He is our love. We fond him all the times. We remember Him in sleeps, while walking, when doing works, and in every chores. We fond Him all day and night.

Then why bother solah?!

Because we wanna date Him. Its a specialised allocated time that we, muslim can have one-to-one meeting with Him, talking to Him. Without interference.
Its a site where we pour our problems to Him, expressing our heart contents.

We, muslim, sure Allah is the Most Knowing. He gives the trials, and He is the one have the solutions.

Putting Allah first in our life is the major difference between us Muslim and those non-muslims.

I am proud to be a MUSLIM!

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