Many names were forgotten.
Many years were wasted.
Many tears were drained.
All because

You are arrogant!

Boastful over ni'mat that He poured upon you. You dwell in His sustenance without even greeting Him with thanks.
You're drown in the world of materials and selfish. With earphones plugged on your ears, and eyes covered with black branded sunglasses.

You can't hear His calling.
& nope!
You can't see He's waving His love for you.

Until one point,
All the things you owned dissapear!
Just in a blink of eyes. Then straight away at that moment, you plugged off your earphones and removes your sunglasses and start

Searching for the love wave from Him and His calls, last abondoned.

Two possibilities;

One, you find He is still there with His love waiting,

Second, He is no longer there.

Pray. Pray that the first will always remain as the answer. We human, forget. And yet, Allah is so patiently

Calling us back to Him.
For we to lie in His arms (guardiance & love)

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