It's new year 2013!
Getting older each seconds,
Yet so little good things that I'd done so far.

To change is to rise.

Yes! It needs so much courage to stand up from your old spot- the defeated arena.

But then, it requires more than just courage to proceed the walk, and to appreciate the 'rising up' agenda.

It needs determination,
& dua'

The feeling & action that show your eagerness in grabbing your target.
& not to be left apart is muslim's strongest bazooka's, dua'.
It waters the heart in remembrane that whatever happens,

From Allah we came, to Allah we return.

Hope my little tiny wishes comes true.
I believe in re-structuring my 2012 mission to become my 2013 mission.

It is never an outdated mission & vission.
But, every vision shall be accompanied by challenges.
That's for sure.

Pray for all good things to happen, & if there are not-so-good things gonna happen, I'm praying for strength from The Most Powerful One : Allah.

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