Taking life as granted.
Many compares their life pavement with others.
"why is she born rich? Not me?"
"why he is damn good-looking than me?"

And contiues...

The person that keeps on condemning their own life sheets is actually a blind-folded person. Not totally blind.

In order to forsee the future of their own pavement, they need to
UNLEASH their blind-fold. Only then they'll see how life plays its game.

We live with no purpose;
EXCEPT, to serve Allah.

This serving may also tagged along with other small purposes. Its not a big deal, as long as all those purposes of your life are converging towards serving Allah.

Its like a tree with thousands of branches and leaves. The root where it stands should be firm : Allah. And wherever the branches grows, it grows upon the firm root, because of the root ( the main purpose of life)

There is never an impossible purpose!
Its just,
There are full- of- obstacles purposes!

Rhino can always has dream to be a unicorn.
Even unicorn is non-existance purpose.

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