Hello People!
Hurm.... it's been quite a moment since I last posted here.
well, study and chores really makes me ignore the keyboard. seems like I've been dishonest to my own self. I remember promising to write and update on my life's "roller-coaster" through out the year, but yeah!
Human do forget.
There's sooo much things I wish to share, but again,
time becomes the obstacle. or may I say that I am inefficient in managing schedule.
Time is a bully. She really is. Haha.

Wanna know something?
This very end march, I'll resign from being the pmffar's president. Yup!
I am excited, but still, quite reluctant. I was expecting to resign in May. however, last few weeks, I received a notice from University that order us to perform the AGM before end of march.
there are many programmes unsettled yet
but, I believe there is good inside this.
so, instead of moan over,
I choose to relax and smile!

I've started doing my research! I have 2 semesters to complete up the research. I'll update later.
Wish me luck!

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