To confront my deepest ego is found to be among one of the hardest task for me to accomplish.
Was, and still is.

When I walked on a line, I tend to loss my balance & by few seconds later, I found myself strayed miles from the line.

For first earlier minutes, I can easily grab the idea of 'hey! You got to stay ON the line'. But as time passes, the focus gradually fades out.

I don't really sure the reasons. It just may be due to environment? I guess. Yea. I am a sponge. I can easily 'diffuse' into the environment & adapt, but obviously, the bad side course 'absorbed' more into spongy me.

Let's get back onto the line!
Wake up!
Time to get a shave!
Dry cleaning and what's not,
To 'wash' the spongy me.
Clease all those stains. Once again.

It's a new semester.
People gets older.
Well, it take a lot for me to swallow that. But, its for real right? I can't be forever young nor oldies for good. Life has phases for us to go through.

Wish & pray for the
Brand new me.

Oh Lord (Allah),
Do ease my works & words,
Do not burden it.

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